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Frequently asked questions

Q. Which side should the entrance of your house ideally face?

The main entrance to a house is not only an entry point for any member to come in but also for the energy. The main door should ideally face North, East or North-East direction. This is because the entry is considered to be the archway to progress in life. Also, it's equally important to keep the entrance clutter-free and tidy, as this adds positivity to the surrounding.

Q. How Vastu remedies can bring peace and happiness to your home?

A bright and happy home is like a dream come true for all. And what makes a home happy is the vibe and vibrancy one adds to it. Well, as per Vastu, there are five elements theory and 16 Mahavastu zones (part of Mahavastu remedies) can help you achieve all this plus a great life. Be it artefacts, colours, plants or any other masterpiece, you can make use of the same to raise your house energy levels.

Q. How to use Vastu Compass to know the right direction of your home?

Not many people are sure about finding the right direction to which their house should ideally face. Trust us, finding the same is no rocket science and can be easily done using a Vastu compass. In fact, every professional Vastukar carries this device with himself/herself to ascertain the right directions according to Vastu. It's always recommended to keep the compass on the approximate centre of the space to get the exact direction. When the needle completely rests on the surface, then take the reading. Calculate direction from different positions - front, back and centre instead of coming to point immediately.

Q. Are Money Plants auspicious when placed Indoors?

Money plants are actually good for your space. And, what's more interesting to know is that adding a money plant in a blue vase can increase your money flow. It should always be placed inside the house so only prosperity and good luck enter your home. This plant also helps in keeping away all the obstacles relating to financial growth. Do not grow them outside, in the garden instead indoors only, as recommended by most Vastu experts.

Q. What vastu things should I check for, before buying a house?

Most people opt for ready to move in apartments rather than going for under-construction properties. If you are opting for it too, here are a few things you must make a note of Entrance - check for enough space left around the building, Kitchen - ideally should be South-East facing; Sunlight and Cross ventilation - Natural sunlight and enough channels for cross ventilation is very important; Water-storage tank - ideally placed North-East side so it gets and absorbs maximum sunlight.

Q. Which side should a toilet ideally face in the house?

In an ideal scenario, toilets/ bathrooms/ restrooms should face the South-West or South direction. This is because, the direction of the wind usually blows from North-East to South-West, so if it's placed in the former direction, it will adulterate or contaminate the air flowing in other rooms.